Digital Citizenship

Social Media by J.M

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying
Is form of Bullying on the internet social medias via iphones, ipads,iPods,computers and anything that has access to the internet.cyber bulling is hurting someone feelings deliberately repeatedly over internet . Cyber bullying is becoming more common everyday with more and more kids feeling a experience than should never to need experience.There is no law against cyber bullying but when parents find out their child has done this there is usually punishment involved. the main source of bullying is Facebook , twitter , instagram ,MS and snap chat aswell as kik.These thing were created to send each other information but now used to bully. bullying is a face to face think but cyber bullying is where you say though email when you do this you are less likely to feelsorry for them because you can't see the reaction when you are typing not speaking .

Who Can Help
When you get bullied you need to tell someone .You cant keep this to yourself because it will get bigger then it could get unstoppable.You should always tell your parents or teaches if the person that Cyber bullies you is at a school.You should always tell you friends so they can comfort you at school and they will know why sometimes you feel sad or hurt. You can call kids helpline for advice or counseling if it gets out of hand .You don't need tell them any of you personal information so it totally kids helpline for help . another good way to get help is to vist websites that gives you tips for how to cooporate with bullying so you don't feel depressed.

Online Safety

To be safe online you need to know what to share and what NOT to share,who to talk and arange plans with or what sites to vist( beacsue some sites can give viruses).

don't share

  • your adress
  • email
  • phone number
  • school ( because they will know where you are 6 hours every weekday)
  • city
  • you personal plans
  • password

do share

  • a nickname
  • an avatar name
  • favourtie things

don't do

  • say or type mean comments
  • hack other people
  • arange plans witha total stranger
  • make hate acconts
  • have inappropiate pictures or web content
  • dont press on pop up adds my cause a virus


  • set your webpage to privavte so people have to accepcted by YOU.
  • If the adress of the page you are about to click on looks dodge dont click on it it could put a virus on you computer making the prson able to look at all your personal information.


treat them the web you would want to be treated !

Sometimes it's easy to forget that there is another person on the other end of your IM. Its easy to say and do things online than in real life that hurts another person mainlybecause you are not face to face with them makeing them feel embrassed hurt sad or angry.Its important to remeber there is another perosne at the end of the line not a robort.Having netiquette measn treating the way you would like to be treated,Always doing the right things and having manners even though you arent face to face.Taking care of yourself on the world wide web is netiquette becasue you know the rights and wrongs.


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