Wanted Dead or Alive

Possible Aliases: Was named after the Greek God Helios
Origin/place of birth: was created by in the big bang, and discovered by pirre-Jules-Cesar on the surface of the sun in the year 1868
Description: A gas that is lighter than air, and is not flammable. It is used in balloons to make them float, and in hot air balloons, blimps, ect.

  • Atomic number: 2
  • Atomic mass: 4.002602
  • Melting point: 0.95k or -272.20c
  • Boiling point: 4.222k or -268.928c
  • Phase at room temperature: gas

Specal charicteristics

Stays in a gas state down to 4k or -269c. Is the 2nd most ubundant element in the universe. it is a noble gas.

Known hideout locations

Very common in space, but it is rare to find on earth. It can be found under the surface of the earth for example in Texas or in other select parts of the world.

Known accomplices

Has no natural accomplices, but scientists are trying to create Helium Difloride.