6th grade wheel period 3

Putting Together and Baking

I love to bake cakes but I rarely bake homemade cakes. I usually by a cake from the store. When I'm making the cake I think it's important to get the ingredients ready. So I look on the back of the box and get out all the ingredients I need. I get a big mixing bowl then put on the ingredients in it( and just to make them softer I put a tablespoon of mayonnaise into it but you can't taste them) . Then I get a big mixing spoon and mix everything together. When I'm done with that I get two 8 by 8 pans out butter them and put the batter on them evenly. I then pick one up shake them and bang them on the counter to get all the air bubbles out of them. I put them in the oven for about twenty minutes but before the sides of them get dark brown I take them out so the whole cake can be soft.