Room 104 News: Issue 21

April 29th 2016

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Information and Reminders!

  • Monday, May 2nd is Music Monday. The whole school will meet, sing some songs together and enjoy the wonderful feelings that music gives us.
  • On Tuesday, May 3rd Joyce P.S. is hosting a free family science night. I hope you were able to sign up and I will see you there.
  • We WILL change Library books this coming week. Please return your books on Monday so we can change for a new one. A few families have NOT returned their books for a long time. If this is you please spend some time looking for the book this weekend so we can get you back on track. READING IS FUN!!!
  • Hats & Reusable Water Bottles: Now that the warm weather is back we will be spending more time outside for physical activity, nature study and free play. Please ensure your child brings a hat that protects them from the sun and a reusable water bottle to use throughout the day. Juice boxes are not recommended. They are usually too much for the children to finish and can’t be resealed.
  • Thank you to the students that are remembering to bring their mailbags back to school every day. We never know when we will have notes etc. to send home so please make sure the bag is sent in EVERY day.
  • Poetry Folders come home every Friday, please have fun reading the poems/songs together. Make sure the folders come back to school in the mailbag on Monday so we can add the new page.
  • REMINDER: we go outside every day so please make sure your child has clothes suitable for the weather at school every day.
  • Many of the children have the same or very similar clothing and they do not always know which items belong to them. This is taking up a lot of our time and causing some upset feelings. Please, please help us out by making sure that all removable clothing has your child's name written on the inside label. Thank you.

Children's Mental Health Week May 1st-7th

In kindergarten we are focusing on identifying and learning to accept and control our own feelings. On Friday we will be holding a school wide Mental Health awareness day. The students will rotate through 6 different activities focusing on Mindfulness and positive mental health. The activities will include, yoga, fun physical activities, colouring to peaceful music and much more..

For more information and parent resources on kids mental health, click on the link below.

This week in 104

Friday's Character Education assembly has been rescheduled to next Tuesday afternoon.

We continued to discuss the properties of 2D shapes and also used a variety of shapes to make creative pictures. Once the pictures were finished the students traced and coloured in the pictures. They look lovely and have been hung on the hallway bulletin board.

On Thursday morning Team 105 had a parent volunteer in to do an activity in the gym and were kind enough to invite us to join them. He set up a really fun obstacle course and the students had a fantastic time, rolling, jumping, stepping and crawling over and under all the equipment. It was a great experience!

On Friday the ECO team conducted a waste audit. All the classes took down their waste and it was weighed and checked to see if it was all in the correct container. We had been practising sorting garbage all week in our class so hopefully we are doing a good job.

Toronto has an extensive recycling program and it can be difficult to remember what goes where. Thankfully they have an online site to answer any questions. Click on the link below and it will take you to the waste wizard where you can check what goes where if you are unsure.

Finally, since we are trying to reuse and recycle we are asking for some materials for our outdoor playground, such as old pots, frying pans, plastic jugs etc. anything that can used as an instrument and will survive being left outside.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, May 2nd: Music Monday

Tuesday, May 3rd: Family Science Night at Joyce

Friday, May 6th: Mental Health and Mindfulness day at Joyce P.S.

Sunday, May 8th: Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 11th: Spring Concert 6:30pm (Kindergarten students will be performing 2 songs)

Wednesday, May 11th: Last day for pizza orders

Friday, May 13th: Pizza lunch

Friday, May 13th: Scholastic orders due

Monday, May 23rd: Victoria Day

Special Helpers for May

We are not doing show and tell any longer, we will use that time to review and approve the items that the children have saved to Seesaw. We will still have a special helper of the day who will take the attendance, be the line leader etc.

Special Helpers for this week are:
Monday, May 2nd: Daniel

Tuesday, May 3rd: Aisha and Sumayyah

Wednesday, May 4th: Charles

Thursday, May 5th: Aaron and Jonathan

Friday, May 6th: N/A due to Mental Health Day Rotations

Computer Corner

Toronto Public Library has a wonderful website for children, called Kids space. Follow the link below to a site where you can read stories, listen to stories or even write your own. You will also find other games and fun activities to do.

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