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MLE- Week of 9/7/15 through 9/11/15

Each Day, Each Child, SUCCESS!

Core Beliefs

Our main purpose it to promote student success through high-quality instruction.

For every child to succeed, we must hold students and ourselves to high expectations.

Only the courageous pursuit of excellence will lead to success.

GROWTH or FIXED Mindset?

This week we will start spot observations and I am excited about helping each of you grow and learn this year. One thing I have found with feedback/coaching is that each person interprets it differently based on their mindset. Those with a fixed mindset are static-almost defensive in the feedback they are given, which leads to static growth. Those with a growth mindset are willing to learn from the coaching they receive and will show much more growth. As we start our our first year together I will talk about mindset and will have you assess your own mindset! Mindset research comes from Carol Dweck and has been studied in adults and children alike.

I know each of you chose this profession and Maple Lawn because you love changing lives through teaching. I know we will see great things in your rooms. Look forward to those coaching sessions! :)

The Power Zone is just one of the 5 keys in the formula for Quality Instruction according to Sean Cain and Mike Laird. It is a very quick read with easy to implement strategies to improve instruction. See Mrs. Derrick if you would like to borrow a copy! :)

*Click on the title above to get more information about the power zone!
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Positive Parent Contact Challenge!

As we enter our third week of school and we start to meet with parents and make those positive connections, I would like for you to consider what you are communicating to parents. Making those positive deposits in your communication bank with each of your parents will strengthen your relationships. I have included an article with more information to consider as you communicate with your students' parents.

Week at a Glance

Monday 9/7

No School- Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday 9/8

Sub Folders are Due to the office

Monday Meeting on Tuesday 3:15

Wednesday 9/9

Thursday 9/10

NDFP Principal's meeting 9-12 @ Sam Houston Elementary- Derrick Out

Friday 9/11

10:00-11:30 School Net Training- Admin