Finding the Balance

Learning and Assessing in KCS

Fall 2014

Digital Learning Teacher Leader Professional Development

This summer every school in KCS had a team of teachers that participated in Digital Learning Teacher Leader professional development that was provided in partnership with Discovery Education. Through this professional development we are building teacher capacity to use digital media in concert with high yield instructional strategies to deliver relevant learning experiences while continuously assessing for understanding. The teachers who are participating in this professional development are able to create rigorous student centered classroom environments that blend literacy, problem based learning and available instructional technologies to maximize learning for each student.

The participants, which included an instructional coach from each school, will also be learning how to best share their new knowledge with their peers. In addition, school administrators are receiving professional development throughout the year about how to best support increased rigor and engagement in the classroom.

We look forward to seeing these tools and resources being used in each classroom in KCS to increase student achievement.

If you have forgotten your Discovery Education log in information please use the "Forgot username or password?" link at the top of the Discovery Education homepage. If you still can not log in please contact your school's technology facilitator.

KCS Benchmark Assessments

KCS has committed to a three-year partnership with Discovery Education to deliver our benchmark assessments. Click here to view the 2014-15 KCS benchmark schedule. During the Discovery Education benchmark assessment pilot program last spring we found the benchmarks to be easy to administer. The results are available immediately and there are resources within Discovery Education that can be used to deliver differentiated instruction based on the assessment results. There will be support from central office and school leaders in administering the benchmarks and analyzing the results.

While we will not be using SchoolNet for benchmark assessments KCS has opted to take part in an additional year of free access to the HomeBase suite of tools, including SchoolNet. SchoolNet contains some excellent lesson plans, instructional resources and assessment item banks that are accessible through the SchoolNet link in the sidebar of your PowerSchool home screen. We hope that teachers continue to use these resources, if helpful.