Lori Greiner

Invent It, Sell It, Bank It

By; Chloe Ouellette

About Lori

  • Lori was born on December 9th, 1969 and was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois
  • She graduated from Loyola University in Chicago and is now married to Dan Greiner
  • When she was little she was very talented and passionate
  • She had always wished to open her own business and also part in journalism

What makes Lori famous?

  • Lori Greiner has created and sold many sales within the television show "Shark Tank" and within her own home
  • She is one of the most famous inventors of retail products, creating over 500 products

Characteristics of Lori


  • Lori has had many goals for her future ever since she was a child and she still pursues them
  • She had wanted to have her own business and she worked until she succeeded.


  • She is very creative having creating her own products using her own thoughts
  • Some products she created were the SKS Jewelry Cabinet and the Thinium Recharge 3000 MAH Portable Phone Charger


  • I don’t know Lori personally but I do know her from Shark Tank and she is most-likely one of the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs I’ve seen
  • She always seems so willing and eager to help others to succeed and succeed herself


  • Mostly Lori is an independent worker other than working with her husband on rare occasions


  • Lori is very responsible having created her own products and helping others succeed with theirs
  • She takes others business’ into her own hands and she does not give up until she has succeeded

Self-confident and Self-demanding

  • Lori doesn’t doubt her abilities and she knows she can succeed and that is why she keeps pushing herself to succeed because she already knows she can


  • Lori is always willing to take action no matter what the situation is, difficult or easy
  • In Shark Tank she has taken hard products from people you would never think would work, but she still took action into that product and made them succeed


  • Lori never stops, it shows considering she has produced over 500 inventions 120 patents


  • On Shark Tank you could see that in order to see if she likes the persons product and/or company she asks them questions, and she isn't afraid to


  • Watching this entrepreneur on television and reading about her I've noticed she never backs down on a person she is working with or helping


  • I believe seeing Lori on television watching how she works that she's a risk-taker
  • If she thinks a product is good then shes not afraid to take it
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Where is Lori today?

  • Today Lori is a star shark on the hit entrepreneur business show, Shark Tank, on ABC, where she invests in companies and helps turn those peoples dreams into reality