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$$I AM NOTHING WITHOUT MY NAME$$ 6 word memoir

^^^^ Lebron quote ^^^^

I like this quote because if you don't know how to fail you won't know how to win.


In this Portfolio I will keep all of my English work and projects, I will also post pictures of my work and things that go along with my work. This will benefit me because I will see my work and progression.

About Me

My name is Adonis and I really don't know what this is but its for a grade so why not. My grades are important to me and basketball falls right under that. English is my favorite subject but I still seem to fall behind sometimes but its okay, I'll do better eventually.. If you read that, thank you and have a great day. Check out the jay work before you leave too http://progress-index.mycapture.com/mycapture/enlarge.asp?image=36968334&event=1292845&CategoryID=56908

And the Award Goes to...

Done on paper.