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english pineda-spring 2015

journal reflection

My best journal that I wrote was the one about what is a hero. A hero is anyone who does something good for someone else when you help them through whatever they need. Wheatger it's hard or easy you can still do it you don't have to be famous too be a hero. If you just simply put a smile on the persons face you will be there hero weather what you did was little or big. So whoever you help or can help at that moment do it because it can make someone very happy in the long run!

student choice short essay #1

What is worth fighting for? - The Rights to the Streets of Memphis, Richard Wright

In the story “The Streets of Memphis” there was a little boy who lived with his mother, and she was a hard working parent. She had get money on her own her husband left them, and he was the one who was making the money to get food to bring it into the house. When the little boy’s father left the family for whatever reason the mother had gotten very upset. She had to too work very hard to make money, put food on the table with the little money she was making she didn’t bring home a lot of food. One night the little boy was hungry he had asked him mom for some food she gave him money to go get something from a little corner store. The little boy had gotten attacked by these gang members taking money from the boy the first two times the boy got terrified, and ran back home to his mama. His mom was very upset the boy didn’t fight for himself so she gave him some more money with a bat she told him to go get something to eat, and if they bother him to stand up for himself so the boy did he had to fight for himself. Since that day the members never bothered him again they were scared.

There was once a time in my life when I had to fight for something that met a lot to me. The time I remember is when I had to fight for somebody I loved, because they met a lot to me. The person an I had gotten into an argument and I got very upset I didn’t understand where he was coming from. I had to talk to my mom and she told me that if that person was worth fighting for they would also fight back. Me and the boy had talked it out I heard what he had to say. It started to make me think he was right in a way not fully I was hurt but I got over it because at the end of the day I fought for someone that I loved very much.

student choice essay #2

Is love stronger then hate? - Romeo and juliet, by Shakespeare

In this story of "Romeo and Juliet" its about these two teenagers who fall in love with eachother, but they family's have history. There family's do not like eachother, therefore there family dosnt want them to be together. Juliet decides to get married to someone else just so that she can run away with Romeo, and be with him for the rest of there lives together. But eventually both romeo, and Juliets parents find them dead. They realize that they should have just stopped the conflict between each family and let Romeo, and Juliet just be together instead of them both dying.

To me love is stronger then hate because when you love someone no matter what you go threw with that person you should always love them. Me personally i have someone in my life that i do anything for, he makes me feel like im on top of the world. There are times where i wanna just smack him, and fight him. But at the end of the day i will love him no matter what even when we argue, fight, yell at each other i still deep down inside love him. So yes love is stronger then hate because it can go a long way. You may hate someone for a period of time, but if that person once met a lot or something to you you know that you will be affected from a situation if something happened to them.

note to self- semester reflection

Dear Self,

I believed i did really good this semster i never had a B- or less i always kept my grade good in this class for the semester. I loved this class because we always had fun, and it was never really hard for me. I also really liked my teacher she was laid back, but she made sure everyone was doing there work. My favorite part of this semester was when we did the greek project, and we had to make a poster that was my favorite. My least favorite part of this semester was when we had to take test, haha. My favorite part was the greek poster that we made in class about the events, and stuff that had.

Sincerely, Self