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Back to School 2018

Welcome back

I hope this finds you well. In years past we have traveled through the study of happiness, math, handwriting, conscious discipline, etc. This year, we will focus on creating a strong school family. Through our doors each day come challenges to our positivity, our happiness. We encouraged you to get into the habit of journaling this summer, perhaps even a gratitude journal took shape for you. I have read a lot about the power of positivity this summer and I will tell you, it is already what we know through our work studying/living Conscious Discipline. (Jon Gordon was the author I read the most this summer).

Before you return to this school family, who really does show such great love for each other, please take a few minutes to click on the links below, it is a nice reminder of why we do what we do. It is also a reminder that not only do we need to create and live this school family within our own work space, but we need to remember to live it as a large 130+ staff school family.

One Word

This is something we have been working on at a district level and it is worth the time! Read the attached article and then give thought to what your one word for this year will be. You will want to bring that with you at back to school!

One Word - the video

In case you would rather watch than read!

So a funny thing happened:

I am all into Jon Gordon's power of positivity, and I needed it, trust me, change is kinda hard and there was a lot of change happening around here this summer! So, I am still struggling this summer, I keep reading, I have my one word and still the "struggle is real" at two different professional developments I saw the video below. It took two times of watching this for me to GET IT....I was still struggling with negativity because I was letting a Single Story feed my brain. Watch the video below, maybe twice and see if this isn't a little bit of a change agent for your brain and soul!!
The Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda Ngozi

Don't let a single story cause you stress, the one mad parent, one bad day is not your story, it is soooo much more. Keep those single stories in perspective.

School Family Crew

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful school family here at Great Beginnings. The support we provide for each other is inspiring. We want to ensure that this tradition continues. We have staff who have had fabulous ideas about how the school family can be strengthened even more. If this is something you feel passionate about or have ideas for, consider joining. Please let me know if you are interested in joining this group, expect to meet monthly.

Contract Calendar

Several of you have called asking about your calendar that is usually included with your contract. Since we had our first electronic contracts this year, you also have electronic work calendars. Go to the staff web page, on the upper left under EMPLOYEE, click “Apps/Records”; click “Employee Online”, Click on the pink tab bar that says “Go to Employee Online”. Under the blue headings on the left find Job Information, under that Contracts/Compensation summaries, then go over to the main part of the page and look for the word “Calendar” and click on that…..mine pops up and I hope yours does as well. Kim does NOT have a copy of your contract calendar, I have some but not all of the calendars, so if you can’t find your calendar, call me or HR department.

Big picture
Professional Development Schedule for 2018-19

For details about back to school meetings, please see this document. It is a work on progress, as it is a year long document.

2018-19 School Board Priorities

These and our "Destination 2021" will guide our year.

Please Sign Up: To support Kindergarten

I thought that maybe the best way to get you back to where you were happy last year, was to let you sign yourself up for your Kindergarten support. PAT does NOT sign up, unless you want to.

Please Sign Up: Bus Buckle Training

ECSE/Title Teachers and Paraprofessional need to sign up for this training. Head Start and PAT do not need this training.

T-Shirt Sign Up for a size...did you?

Hope to have them for our August 8th day at Abundant Life for Convocation....

Celebration Bus for Aug 8th Convocation

So, convocation is at Abundant Life church in Lee's Summit. Parking will be an issue, as will traffic....want to spend your time laughing and catching up with your school family/friends instead?

Office Hours

Please know that we cover the office from 7:00-5:00 Monday-Thursday. We cover Fridays 7:30-4:00. This requires administrators and administrative assistants to work in shifts, these shifts will be published in August.

Staff Hours and Locations we serve:

GBEEC 8:00-4:00

MLE 7:00-3:00

TRE 7:45-3:45

WVE 8:15-4:15

If you have an issue and an administrator is not available contact Kim Fischer or Teresa Vick immediately and they will be in touch with us immediately for direction. You can also text us directly!

Programs we Coordinate:

Early Childhood Special Education (Itinerant services, 18 classrooms)

Head Start School and (new) Home Based (2 classrooms, 2 home visitors)

Parents as Teachers (26 Parent Educators working for 1500+ families)

Title Preschool (3 classrooms, Friday School and SIS (Speech Improvement Services)

Phone Numbers for your Cell Phone

Please text or call or email if you are going to be absent. If it is a quick last minute absence, please text as well....this is sometimes the fastest way for us to see that we need to help with filling that absence.

Kerry Boehm 816-365-3146

Jeanie Cook 816-699-0605

Front Office:

Kim Fischer 986-2464

Chris Freeman 986-2463

Trula Muir 986-2497

Teresa Vick 986-2484