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Homelessness in York Region By: Zaina

The life of a homeless youth in York Region

You might be wondering how do homeless youth go to school? Study shows half of the homeless youth in York Region do not go to school. How they arrive at school? Where do these kids go after school do they have a home? Do they have a place to sleep? These are all questions we bother to ask. Homeless kids are devastated. . They are tired of sleeping in cars and abandoned places. This is the life of a homeless youth in York region.
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Where the homeless kids sleep:

The definition of home for homeless is living in a car or in abandoned park.These kids are in desperate need of a home.These kids are living in ,foreclosed houses ,storage units,tent cites,and the rest we don't know . we do not know if the homeless are living on streets or in motels.


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Could you last one night homeless ? It,s time to stop looking and do something. Go in the Homeless's shoes try thinking about not going to school having no education.Not sleeping in your comfy bed .Sleeping in abandoned places .Not having proper meals . I think It's time you help.