"The No Guitar Blues"

by Gary Soto

Main Character

The main character is Fausto,he is a young boy that doesn't have enough money to buy the guitar of his dreams.He is very poor but already has what ever he needs except for a guitar. Fausto's new mission in life was to grow older and have bang like Los Lobos and have all the girls.


Fausto was looking for a job to buy a the guitar he wanted. Fausto's only job was going to the store and getting bread. He was sitting on the curb one day and a dog came up to him. Fausto realized that the dog had tags so he read them and they had. They had the address where the dog lived so Fausto took him home. The owners invited him inside right after they asked him where he lived. Were Fausto lives is for kinda poor people. The couple told him the dogs name is Roger. They gave Fausto a snack to eat. After he was done eating he said he had to go. As Fausto was walking out the man gave him a twenty dollar bill but Fausto felt bad and didn't want to take it because he lied of they way he found Roger.He had said he saved him because he almost died but they guy wouldn't let him return the money so he just left. When he got home he didn't tell anyone that he had the money.He woke up in the morning without no one telling him to he went to church. At church they went around with basket to out money in, Fausto dropped the twenty in it every body stared at him with a surprised look.

Lying is bad thing


This story teaches a lot of kids that lying is bad but if you do whats right then you will end up getting what you want at the end but you should never lie because you dont know what ever is going to happen.Even if your trying to do the right thing lying isn't the answer.

by Kalani Vera