Abigail Adams

Girl of colonial Days

Abigail When She Was Little

When Abigail was born she was really sick. They didn't think she would make it, but she did. Since she was so sick when she was little her mom wouldn't let her do a lot of stuff. Abigail had a lot of crazy dreams when she was little. One time when she was dreaming, her dream turned into a nightmare and then woke up and there was a huge earthquake.she turned out to be ok but the rest of the town was destroyed.

Abigail and John

Abigail married John Adams. They had four kids. There kids names are little Abigail, Johnny, Charles, Tommy. John became president and Abigail became the first lady. John was away a lot, so Abigail had to stay with the children. one time when he was away there was a battle out side there house and Johnny and Abigail got to watch the battle.

Abigail In Her Later Years

She still couldn't go to places if that place had an illness because she didn't want to get sick, which really made her upset. She went with John to meet Queen Elizabeth, but Queen Elizabeth didn't want to see her. Abigail enjoyed her life as the first lady.

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