Mrs. Kristi Smith's Second Grade

Weekly Update - September 16, 2016

What you need to know...

If you have not sent a clean sock in with your child please try to do so this week. We will be using the socks as erasers when we use our whiteboards. Socks make the best erasers!

We will be going on a field trip to the Connecticut Historical Society to attend their "What Makes A Community?" program. The trip is Tuesday, September 27th. The permission slip will be sent home on Monday, September 19th. The packet will include all the details about the trip and the possibility to chaperone.

Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop

This week in Reading Workshop...

  • We continued to work on building our reading stamina
  • We began building our second chart - this one is focusing on rolling up our sleeves and working hard when we get to tricky words. We are working to use everything we know about the letters and sounds in the word along with using what is happening in the story to help us problem solve. We will continue tackling tricky word strategies this coming week.

This week in Writing Workshop...

  • We are continuing to write Small Moment stories - stories about things that have happened to us in real life.
  • We are working on building our writing stamina and using our writing time as efficiently as possible.
  • The strategy we worked on the most this week was adding details to our stories to help the reader feel like they are in the story. (Ask about the rubber ducks!)
  • We also spent some time making sure we are including punctuation so that our stories read the way that we want them to.

Math Workshop

We continued our work in Unit One in math this week. We worked together as a class to create a number scroll that started at 1 and ended with 1,000! We also worked on number grid puzzles. Lessons reinforced the concept of counting by tens when you move up and down on a number grid, and counting by ones when moving left to right. We ended the week finding equivalent names for numbers. For example, equivalent names for the number ten could be... 5+5, a dime, 11-1, etc...

This week we also started taking our timed tests. For this week we worked all together learning the routines. Next week students will start taking their tests individually using timers to time themselves. Each timed test level needs to be passed with two perfect scores in a row before students move on to the next level. The students know that their test will say "Go on" at the top when they are ready to move. You should see the corrected timed tests coming home on a daily basis. I have also talked to the students about practicing the problems that they are not finishing at home so that they can continue to score more points each day. I have told them that the only person they are in competition with is themselves - the goal each day is to increase the number of correct responses until the level is passed. We are trying to make the process of learning the facts as stress free as possible.

Social Studies and Science

We wrapped up our getting to know each other activities with a t-shirt glyph activity. We learned that a glyph is a way to communicate information using symbols. Our t-shirts tell all about how many children are in our families, our favorite season and color, our favorite school subject, how old we are and what kind of pets we have at home. The t-shirts look great hanging on our classroom clothesline!

We ended our week talking about the Constitution of the United States in honor of Constitution Day which was officially September 17th. We read a book titled We The Kids, in which the author uses kid friendly illustrations to define the preamble of the Constitution. We also watched a quick SchoolHouse Rocks video about the Constitution. After we made our own heart flags and completed a writing activity connecting the Constituion to our rights within our classroom. I will send pictures along next week as the final products are terrific!

Upcoming Events...

Hot Lunch begins this week...

  • Wednesday - cheese or pepperoni pizza
  • Friday - Pasta with mini meatballs

Upcoming Events:

  • Early Release due to Teacher Professional Development - Thursday
  • Field Trip to Connecticut Historical Society - Tuesday, September 27th - permission slip will be sent home this week.
  • Picture Day - Thursday, September 29th