The Landing on the Moon

Was it real? Was it faked?

What they told us--

The U.S. were the first to land on the moon, before anyone else. The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong (however this is debated; perhaps it was Buzz Aldrin).
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It was actually fake!!??

Conspiracy theorists think that the moon-landing scene was shot in Hollywood or Area 51, not on the moon.

How do they know??

There is a lot of evidence to prove that we really didn't land on the moon first. For example:

  • There were no stars in the background. (Aren't there stars in space??)
  • The flag is waving in the "breeze." (There isn't any wind in space!!)
  • A letter "C" on a random rock. (How could a rock on the moon have a perfect letter C on it??)
  • The moon looks bigger, older, and a lighter mass than it really is. (Weird??)
  • Buzz Aldrin has a light shining on his front when the sun is behind him. (Get it right, guys!!)
  • Shadows aren't dark enough. (Despite the sun being there??)
Inconsistencies, like:

  • In one picture, Buzz Aldrin is wearing white gloves, and in the next, gray gloves. (Keep the same gloves on!)
  • Buzz (again) is wearing high boots in one picture, and low boots in another. (Keep the same boots on!)
  • Again, Buzz has on his astronaut suit with wrist tape, and in the next photo the wrist tape disappears. (Why do you need wrist tape, anyway?)

Why would they lie to us??

  • The US were in the Space Race at the time, and wanted to be better than the Soviet Union.
  • They wanted Neil Armstrong to become famous.
  • They wanted a distraction from Vietnam.
  • John F. Kennedy promised to have someone on the moon by 1970.










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