An Interview with Coach Bundy

By Veronica Cantrell

A look into the life of Bundy

Coach Bundy went to school at Abileen Chrisitan University. He got his Masters degree at Lamar University. He first taught at Abileen Texas Junior High for 1 year. He then moved to Roundrock Junior high for 1 year. Coach Bundy then moved Belton High where he taught for 7 years. He is now at Keller Highschool, where he teaches 10th Grade World History and football. He is on his 9th year and says never plans on going anywhere else.

Whats Bundy's teaching life like?

Bundy coaches varsity football. He says this has taught him to "do tons of laundry". He says that his duties include making his class fun and entertaining as well as being supportive of his school.

He gets here around 6:30 every morning and coaches football through 1st period. 2nd period he teaches class. 3rd period he does freshman football, with class resuming 4th and 5th period. He then has practices after school as well.

Coach says that his biggest challenge is keeping students engaged and making an impact on kids lives.

His biggest short-term reward in teaching is the relationship he develops with his students. His biggest long-term reward is the kids that make it big in life.

He says you need a ton of self-motivation to be a teacher and the job is a real beating but it is worth it.

He puts in about 56 hours a week on average.

His advice for students wanting to pursue a job in teaching is to know that you have to go beyond the classroom to be a teacher

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