The Rideau Report

Mid-January 2023

So many things to share...

Bonjour Rideau Families!

I have received several emails with information to share with families, which is why I am sending another Rideau Report so soon after the last one.

The first piece of information is that the field trips to Gould Lake that have been cancelled will be rescheduled to later in the season. If for some reason the trip does not happen at all, parents will be reimbursed at a later date. This process is the same for any cancelled trip.

When there is an inclement weather day, we still have many students coming to school as many families are within walking distance or drive their children to school. This is why pizza lunch is not cancelled. Be assured that we will keep your child's pizza and they will have it the next day.

Next is the link to our Parent Council Meeting on Thursday if people cannot attend in person:

The meeting is from 6:30 until 8:00pm.

LEAP, Challenge and Atlas applicants will be receiving an email today outlining next steps and instructions on how to access the Choices at 7 Minds Online Task.

Queen's has opened their bursary application for the 2023 Camp season. You can apply until February 1st 2023. They are asking families to fill out this Q-Campus Bursary Application Form to submit the request.

Next week is Literacy Week. We will have several activities to celebrate. First, we will create a long caterpillar to show off all the books we have read. M. Derbyshire will use his artistic talent to draw the start of the caterpillar (based on the main character from "The Very Hungry Caterpillar") and the body will be made up of coloured circles (for each colour house) in which students will write the title of a book they have read that week. On Tuesday, teachers will invite a guest reader to their class. On Wednesday, we will have book buddies where two classes team up and students read to one another. On Thursday, M. Derbyshire and Mme Arsenault will read a book to the classes. Finally, on Friday, we will have "Books, blankies and jammies" where students are invited to wear their pajama and bring their favourite book to school.

The Kingston Frontenacs are celebrating 50 years and want to share their schedule with you. Please see the poster below.

The city of Kingston wants to bring awareness to driving in school zones. As a community, we can all do our part to help everyone travel safer. They suggest driving with extra caution near schools, obeying parking restrictions and consider walking, rolling or taking the school bus when possible. They want to inform us that new this year are increased fines for stopping, even briefly, in designated "No Stopping" and "School Bus Loading Zones" in school areas. They have provided a poster for us that you can see below. They have also provided us with a map of Park and Stride that suggests alternate parking spots that are a short distance from the school and would help reduce congestion around the school.

There are several opportunities for families with children with Autism. You can look at the Minecraft Mate Program on the following site or look at the posters below.

The ideas surrounding our entrance mural are percolating, I will contact the interested artists before the end of the month.

This is it for this week! Walk and drive safely on slippery surfaces, ice can play tricks on us.

Valerie Arsenault


Parent Council

Our next meeting is Thursday January 19 at 6:30 in the staff room. Babysitting is provided. For people who would prefer to join us remotely, you can use this link to join us virtually.

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Limestone Tutoring Resources January 9 – March 30

Monday – Thursday 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

As part of the Ministry of Education Tutoring Grant, LDSB is extending an afterschool drop-in Virtual Tutoring Program through the winter months for Limestone students in Grades 1 to 10.

Grade 1 to 6 - Build literacy and/or math skills. 3 tutors per night. (20 min sessions)

Grade 7 to 10 - Math skills and support. 3 tutors per night. (30 min sessions)

Grade 7 to 10 – Homework help. 2 tutors per night. (30 min sessions)

· Student must be logged in to MS Teams using their Limestone account.

· Click on link for age group and subject support. (links below)

· Sessions are on a first-come, first-served model.

· Wait in virtual lobby until tutor invites student into the session.


Grade 1-6 Literacy Link 1 Grade 7-10 Math Link 1

Grade 1-6 Literacy Link 2 Grade 7-10 Math Link 2

Grade 1-6 Literacy Link 3 Grade 7-10 Math Link 3

Grade 1-6 Math Link 1 Grade 7-10 HW Link 1

Grade 1-6 Math Link 2 Grade 7-10 HW Link 2

Grade 1-6 Math Link 3

See below for Guidelines.

1. The student must be logged in to MS Teams using their Limestone account. The student’s camera and microphone should be on so that the student and tutor can communicate effectively.

2. The student should have the materials they need with them (e.g., students should have their homework assignment). The student should try to set up in an area in the home with minimal distractions for the tutoring

3. If a tutor is already working with a student, subsequent students will be placed in the lobby of the meeting and then be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis once the tutoring session for the previous student is completed. Tutoring sessions for Grades 1-6 will be about 20 minutes long and may be extended, if no other students are waiting. For Grades 7-10 sessions will start at 30 minutes and may be extended if no students are waiting.

4. No tutoring on PA Days or Holidays.

Online Tutoring and Learning Resources

Several tutoring and learning resources are available online to support students and families, including:

Technology Support for Virtual School/Remote Learning
If you require technology support, please visit our Virtual School / Remote Learning Technology Support webpage.

Additional resources to support virtual learning options:

Receiving communication

Most of the communication from the school will come via Messenger to your email or your phone depending on your preferences. To set up you messenger account, follow these instructions.