Rock your Business English skills!

with Buffi Duberman

Improve your meetings, negotiations and presentations skills in English!

  • Having trouble finding the right words when you need them?
  • Want to be more confident when you give a presentation?
  • Are you using the same boring phrases over and over again in English?

Let me help you Rock your Business English skills!

You'll get new insights into your personal strengths and weaknesses in your spoken and written English, and you'll leave with a new attitude towards international communication! Fun and laughter guaranteed!

Buffi Duberman - Save Your Ass in a Minute and a Half pt. 8

About Buffi Duberman

Buffi Duberman is a native New Yorker who has spent more than half her life coaching non-native English speakers in the use of their English. Over the last 12 years, she has become a household name in the Dutch music industry as the Personal English Coach (a business that she created) to the hottest artists.

Although she enjoys the view from the penthouse working with an established celebrity clientele, she doesn’t mind getting dirty in the basement. At all. That’s why she’s committed to innovation in education and coaching and nurturing emerging talent. She is the founder of the English department at the internationally recognized Rockacademie (Europe’s first official Bachelor Degree Program in Pop and Rock Music (, and is the English consultant to the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven ( She gives workshops, personal English coaching sessions, and master classes in the Netherlands and abroad.

Buffi has also worked for TV shows including Idols, Starmaker, So You Wanna Be a Pop Star, and X Factor, Golden Oldies and De Beste Singer-Songwriter van Nederland. Her first book, Rock Your English! is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway, and will be available in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria soon. Her second book “30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English” was completely financed through crowdfunding, which proves that her fresh approach has built its own online following.

Buffi in media