The MARS Tribune

BY~Riya Patel

A Walk Down Memory Lane ~Civil Rights Act of 1964~

From the grandfather clause in the early 1900's to the "never-ending" fight for desegregated education, our morals and laws have came a long way to change. The Civil Rights Act came to life in 1964 after ages of fighting for desegregation of the Brown v. Board of Education ( desegregation in education between Caucasian and African Americans), the fifteenth amendment for the right vote, and more following. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 includes:

  • Made racial discrimination at public places such as restaurants, hotels,motels,etc illegal
  • Made discrimination illegal in employment
  • Originated Created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to enforce protections against discrimination at jobs
  • Withhold federal grants from places that have racial discrimination
  • Make voting right legislation firmer
  • Made the U.S Justice Department to make lawsuits to desegregate educational places.
Before the country dawned upon the situation, Oklahoma and many other southern states began to use the grandfather clause which exempted persons to take a literacy test if their grandfather was able to vote back in the 1860's. This excluded majority of African Americans because majority of them were illiterate. But this was all changed with the case in 1944 Smith v. Allright, the case got rid of white primaries. Later, the Brown v. Board of Education case came to light to be the first step to making discrimination unconstitutional in courts. Before, many states like Arkansas had the separate but equal doctrine in place which is made illegal today.

As a nation, we derived from our lessons to make America greater each day.

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