Welcome to Venus

The second planet from the Sun

If i could visit any planet I would visit Venus and you should too.

Facts about Venus

Do you know why you should visit this planet? Because Venus/the roman goddess of love and beauty is the hottest planet in the solar system, but has no moons and no rings. Venus is also the same size of Earth. Instead of having a view of moons you can stare at the atmosphere that is made up of 97% carbon dioxide and 3% nitrogen, and the yellow acid clouds, oh how delightful! If you were wishing that your birthday was 3 times a year then come to Venus, because year is 225 Earth days, and a day is 5,832 hours long, now that's funky! Venus is 67,237,910 miles away from the Sun and is 23,700,000 miles away from Earth.

The surface of Venus is 864 degrees Fahrenheit because, and has very high mountains, deep channels, and craters. There are two highland areas on Venus, the Ishtar Terra is in the north polar region, and Aphrodite Terra region that goes around the equator. The highest mountain on Venus is Maxwell Montes, it is taller than Mount Everest.Venus also has an iron core which is 3,700 miles in diameter.

See you on Venus!

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