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September 11, 2015

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1. Hats off to you and your TEACHERS for beginning to use the Exemplars resource this week to develop the mathematical process standards. We have videoed many teachers this week--feel free to use these videos as you support your teams.

2. A HUGELY important piece of your role in this implementation is to support teams as they analyze the common formative assessment from the first process they worked on. You might recall in our Exemplars IC meeting in May last year practicing sorting papers on the work mat that looks similar to the picture. After examining the students' work, support teachers as they develop plans of how to move students to the next level.

Kindergarten Video: Process of Problem Solving

Second Grade Video: Process of Making Connections

Third Grade Video: Process of Making Connections

Fifth Grade Video: Process of Problem Solving

Fifth Grade Video 2: Process of Making Connections

Data Analysis from 1st Formative Assessment: 5th Grade

3. The teacher table/workstation component of the math block is roughly half of the math workshop. Therefore, workstations should be aligned to the TEKS. Our curriculum writers spent time ensuring that the workstations available on forethought include process standards. It is our recommendation that teams select stations from Forethought as their primary resource. If you are unsure if a teacher/team is using aligned resources, feel free to contact Tammy or Carrie and one of us will come do a learning walk with you.


Grammar Talks
Grammar Talks are off to a great start. We have much to celebrate!

We have videos that were taken last week for the beginning of the year Kinder that have been added to Eduphoria for your teachers. Please share this update with your teachers.

LLI Resources

Kudos to our LLI Sustainment Team! Maria Hafner, Sherri Stansell, Krystle Mott and Chris Fantauzzo worked hard this summer to develop training resources for ICs to use to train teachers. Everything you need can be found in the following Google folder. The training is designed to be implemented in a 3 hour session or (3) one hour session. The Please let us know if you have questions! Thank you for supporting your teachers and students through Leveled Literacy Intervention.

Instructional Coach Contact Information

Please take 30 seconds to update your cell number and office number. This will be helpful to new ICs as they reach out for support.