a boy named Brian who survives in the wild.

Hatchet summary

Brian parents were divorced so Brian was going to visit his father he was going to travel on plane before he went on the plane his mom gave him a hatchet. when he was in the plane the pilot was passing gas a lot and Brian was thinking about how his mother cheated on his father with a blond and tall man. the pilot had an heart attack and the plane set still for a while but he couldn't hold long he found a transmitter but the signal went away he landed in a lake then mosquitoes covered him head to toe. then he discovered berries, a shelter clean water how to make fire and food like birds, fish, and rabbits. he got attacked by a moose, porcupine and a tornado. he found a shot gun. he got to live and find these things because of his ..... HATCHET.

main characters

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Brian was hit by a tornado his shelter was torn, his stuff blew away and his food he collected.


The author of Hatchet .

Gary Paulson

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in the Canadian forest

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