Roman Name: Mars Greek Name: Αρης

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God of war


  • Spear
  • Sheild

Character Traits

  • He is quick to anger and very violent.

  • Ares is a very unreliable ally.

  • He doesn’t care about right or wrong in a fight, just the bloodshed at the end of the battle.


  • Parents- Zeus and Hera
  • Sister- Hebe
  • Brother-Hephaestus


  • Decisive- He always proved his point.

  • Determination- He always does his job. Now matter who he has to hurt.

  • Fearless- He fought and fought without showing fear of losing.


  • Impulsive- He doesn’t think of what he does he just does it.
  • Bloodthirsty- He always wanted to fight in war on the bloodiest side.
  • Raring to fight regardless of the consequences- His first love was war, he always wanted to fight.

Interesting Facts

  • Ares was athletic, handsome and often war full battle armour.
  • Ares had a relationship with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. They had a son called Eros and a daughter called Harmonia.
  • He had a twin sister called Eris.
  • He loved battle and violence. Never mind which side he was on, so long as there was plenty of blood.

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