Temporary Campus Tell All #6

Sep 27, 2019

What a phenomenal week!

Curriculum Corner

MTSS (Multi-tiered system of supports)

Parents please pay attention to MTSS requests and notifications from teachers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding intervention protocols feel free to reach out so we can address the issue.

Parent-Teacher conferences

Our teachers have been scheduling conferences with parents for next week. If you're interested in meeting with your teacher one-on-one please contact your student's teacher.

Study Island & i-Ready

As our school year is progressing quickly, it is important for students to reinforce learned skills through our interactive platforms; Study Island & i-Ready.

Curriculum Night Attendance

We would like to thank all of our families who attended curriculum night! Establishing a relationship with our community is crucial in maintaining an effective learning environment.
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Picture Day is next Wednesday Oct 2, 2019

Grades K-5 need to wear Red Uniform Top

Grade 6 need to wear Navy Blue Uniform Top

Updates from the Classroom

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Johnny Appleseed Week

Tasting/Graphing our favorite apple, labeling the parts of an apple, creating Johnny Appleseed pot hats.

Sharks Sports

Our new Girls Soccer Team won their first game 3-2! We are so proud of their fierce efforts. Our boys team fought tirelessly until the end of their game and ended 5-1.

Cross Country!

Our first cross country meet of the year all the kids ran well with 3 finishing in the top 10 of their divisions.

Sophia Quintero 2nd elementary girls
Andres Quintero 8th elementary boys
Alejandro Quintero 9th middle school boys

Mr. Mcclellan's Science Spotlight

This week Mr. M continues observations of the properties of dry ice with the fourth graders in Mrs. Standard's and Mr. Leslie's classes. Here you see a sublimated dry ice bubble that is actually rolling down the blue towel. Wow! THAT'S pretty cool. We even made a spoon sing a kind of weird sound and froze a penny. We measured the size of bubbles made with our homemade bubble maker and suggested various ways of experimenting and looking at doing a scientific lab report on the soap used to make the bubbles.

The fourth graders got an opportunity to get into the fun by making their own water compasses and learned about magnetic induction. Awesome! LOTS of great questions were generated about magnetism. DO you know what four metals that magnets are attracted to? Steel, nickel, iron and cobalt! NONE of our U.S currency coins that you see circulated today are attracted to a magnet.

Mrs. Seeber's, Mrs. Gibney's class, Mrs. Rodriquez and Mrs. Snell's class learned about our solar system and made diagrams of the lunar phases of our moon. Does everyone know what a new moon looks like? Ask your child? Does the moon rise in the east or in the west? Ask your child? Do you know what a gibbous moon is? Well, you get it. You need to ask them to see some of the notes their taking in science and that you want to see their science journal. These kids are not only young scientists - but fantastic artists. I've been really impressed to see these notes on their science lessons and what they've been learning. You will be too!

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