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Newsday Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What's that you say?

Writing dialog between characters is a basic task for story tellers. Conversations that give information and carry the story are a basic building block of writing. Mrs. Duree's students are being asked to write dialog for characters but we are taking it a step further in that the dialog will be used to create a stop action mini movie.

the luck of the roll

Pairs of students roll special dice to determine what background they will be using and will be given a bag that contains 2 items that will drive the dialog they are to write. The collection of items was carefully selected to create a bit of a challenge to the student writers but with the possibility of very creative work. The writing teams were then given 3 days to write the dialog for their characters. They had to explain how the characters got to the location and what was happening there. This dialog becomes the script for the stop action movie they will create using iMotion. The team will also voice the dialog as the mini movie is finished in iMovie.

a few technical hints

Big image
Big image

an example was given to students to better understand the direction of the challenge

Enchanted What?

ingenuity is key to success

We asked our library clerk extraordinaire, Miss Ellie, to put together a sample video also. We had originally thought we would let her use my iPad but before you know it, she was well on the way to having the project completed by using her phone. Perfect example of how to make it work. Figure it out!

here is the finished product.....quite an adventure Red and Whickers!

Wrong turn Mr. Whiskers

stay tuned to see some of the adventures created by these 8th grade writers

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