Bright Lights from Mr. B 1/11/18

Being grateful for each new day

The Merton Corral Is Full!

Surprises are fun! Today as a result of awesome Merton Way behavior, and teachers and staff handing out many Mustangs, the students had lunch tailgate style-sitting on our clean and shiny floor- eating lunch and watching America's Funniest Home Videos-all the videos were about kids and pets. I hope if you ask your children that they will say they had a terrific and fun time. They earned it! Thanks for reinforcing the Merton Way at home too-we can't do this without your cooperation and support.

Students Writing Grants! Amazing Results!

The Merton PTO is excited to sponsor student grants for the fourth year. Applications are due by 1/23. Previous projects that have been awarded student grants include: soccer goals for the Primary School, non-stationary/rocking student chairs, gaga ball pits at both schools, water bottle refill stations, accessible playground equipment and surfacing, Merton Theater Company sound equipment, soccer nets for existing goals at the Intermediate School, and tetherball installation.
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Summer School Program 2019

Since we turned the calendar to 2019, it is time for us to begin thinking about our upcoming Summer School Program. We are asking for our families to complete a brief survey to help us improve and guide programming decisions this year and into the future. Thank you for taking the time to complete thesurvey! More information on the upcoming Summer School Program will be forthcoming in March.

Merton PTO Family Bowling event Sunday, January 13th

Merton PTO Family Bowling event Sunday, January 13th

The Merton PTO Family Bowling event will take place on Sunday, January 13th. Similar to years in the past, we will have 4 bowling sessions and a raffle. Please use this link for more information. There are still spots available for the 11:00 and 4:15 time slots. We appreciate you supporting Merton PTO and Merton Schools!

Bathroom renovation

In our quest to be as clean and safe as possible, we have recently painted and installed anti-microbial carpeting. The colors make the area come alive and the flooring will help reduce the spread of germs and water ponding. Thanks maintenance guys!
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Morning routine

It is one of the best times of the day to bring the 5K and second graders into school in the morning. Lots of conversation and howdies before we step inside our school. Please check out our 4th grade greeters too-they're the best.

Handprints tradition continue

With Mrs. Krajewski (Kohnert) at the helm, and some help from 4th graders, our 5K children make history with their handprint at the entrance area of school.

Classrooms that work together are terrific!

Here is the PM 4K group with Mrs. Baral. They and their 4K AM cohorts (shown below)are the Classroom BoxTop Winners. We are proud of them and their families for supporting this PTO sponsored program. YEA 4K-Baral!
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Mike Budisch

I hope you can find joy this weekend in some activity or simply hugging the kids! Be patient with and good to yourselves because you all bring joy to our lives as a team at Merton Primary School. Thanks!