OBGYN or Costume&WardrobeSpecialist

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Obstetricians and Gynecologist

A obstetricians and gynecologist is a doctor who works with a females reproductive system and her birthing expierence. Also the exteneded care for a female in general , to their breast and vaginal areas. Also delievering babies ,renal diseases ,and DM. Obstetricians and Gynecologist normally work none stop each week and their salary is $313,000 and ranked as one of the highest paying jobs according to http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2010/pf/jobs/1010/gallery.best_jobs_highest_paid.moneymag/4.html

, obstetricians and gynecologist are known to be put together becuase their tasks and jobs are very similiar even though they learn diffrent things around the atonomy of the female.

A obstertricain is someone who deals with the pregnancy and deliever new born babies. They also perform diagnosis and screening tests.They even go farther to high risk pregnancies or infertility according to http://www.origins-obgyn.co.nz/obs_what_is.php.

Gynecologist deals with the females ovaries, cervix,uterus ,and vulva. Gynecologist literly means 'the science of the woman'. They work with disorders with the womens reproductive system and also their diagnosis. Most modern gynecologist are Obstertrician. Also said by http://www.origins-obgyn.co.nz/gyn_needs.php.

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Costume & Wardrobe Specialist

A costume and wardrobe specialist, specialize in the training of wardrobe creation and even maintenance for theatre, films and tv shows. Dealing with fashion designing but not quite , making sure everything on the screen or being showed looks nice from behind the scene http://www.fitnyc.edu/3176.asp .

They use their hands alot, making sure everything is perfect. They stay on their feet alot and try their best to speak clearly for others can understand them. Also they have to be great with other people accents from diffrent regions. They also work with people greatly and solve problems and are always on time, well atleast thats whats expected. Their yearly median salary is $37,870.

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