Zachary's Bucket List


#1 Sky Diving

1.Sky diving looks very fun.

2.You could sky dive and look at the ocean.

3.The water erodes the sand.

4.This is physical erosion.

5.I would like to go this summer.

2013 - Skydiving in Dubai

#2 Mount Everest

1.Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.

2.I would like to go to Mount Everest so i could see the erosion happening.

3.Glaciers and gravity break up part of the mountain.

4.this is physical weathering.

5.It is located in Nepal.

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#3 North Coast, California

1. I would love to go to North Coast California.

2.This is physical erosion.

3.The rocks are being eroded from the wind, and water.

4.I would love to swim in this water.

5.Most of this is off limits to the public.

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#4 Tahoe, California

1.I would love to go to Tahoe, CA .

2.The mountains are very tall and steep.

3.This is physical Weathering..

4.I would also love to go ski here .

5.This might be the place for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

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#5 Highlands, Iceland

1.I would love to go to highlands, iceland also.

2.I could see the physical erosion of the rocks .

3.and to see the different layers in the rock.

4.They spent decades protecting the rocks, and glaciers.

5.I would like to take a hike on the rocks.

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