Napoleon -Military

By: Michael Hannover


Napoleon was considered one of the greatest Military Commanders or even THE greatest. He started from a low rank obviously and worked his way up some thought he would never reach to where he was because he was small (not height but physique). Napoleon was power hungry and sought to conquer Europe, but as all great people they fall eventually whether it be illness or by a defeat. He crowned himself King of the French. Long story short he attempted but failed. #power

Rise, Downfall, Return, and Downfall

Napoleon rose to power and became famous for his support in the French Revolution. He crowned himself king. He was removed from power in 1812 and sent to Elba Prison. Napoleon escaped the prison and gained a lot of support and became a returning hero starting his 100 day campaign before being defeated for the last time at Waterloo and sent to a prison where he would spend the rest of his days. #trapped
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Napoleonic Wars

His biggest battle was the battle of Leipzig also known as the battle of Nations where a lot of parts of Europe was involved. This was not his most famous his most famous would probably be The Battle of Waterloo where the French Military Commanders career ends. The Napoleonic Wars though were a series of wars that Napoleon started trying to take over Europe. He had many supporters of this and many who wanted out of charge.
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Why is my Topic Important?

It's something good to know about Napoleon and the do's and don'ts of how to take over a whole giant piece of land. Napoleon teaches us that power is everything so you know just be power hungry and you will get exiled. No this is what you're not supposed to be doing so stop being power hungry than you might not be over thrown. On a serious note its important because he supported the Revolution even though he made it back into a Monarchy. The people loved him so his military accomplishments cannot just be gone unnoticed. #ramble