Dingoes At Dinnertime

Mary pope Osborne


A fun fact is that she has a cabin in Pennsylvania and she lives in new York with her husband. she wrote other-books like stolen children, and the stranger next door. other fact is she is a award-winning author.


the main characters are jack and Annie the other characters are Morgen. The place it takes place is jungle the time is present and they go back in time. every day they go to there tree house for a adventure! then some times they find items and people to help them on there adventure to places. finally they find ever thing they need in there adventure in you want to find more also-me part read it.


I like this book because it is an adventure.another thing i like this book is an author.I like that it didn't give to much info. i like this book because it has them in order. I would not the i nee changes to this book because it tells you about all there adventure. on every book like this one.


this book reminds me of Indian Jones because that is a adventure book that he finds clues to stop people. this book reminds me of nature because your in the wild and you have to find different kinds. this book reminds me of lost on super Stephen mountain because they find clues to clim on the more and they run into bad animals.


i would recommend this book to my mom because i brought this book to my house and i readied the book to my mom. she likes this book a lot. This book was so interesting. So go check out this book