The Girl-Chenoo

Revenge isn't always a good thing


The story starts off with 10 families traveling up North for the winter to hunt. During this trip, a young man asked a woman to be his wife. She refused his hand in marriage and he became furious. Since he was the village doctor, he created a herb that would make her senseless. He put the herb into a ball of snow and at night he placed it on her neck and left while it chilled her heart. When she woke she was severely ill. She refused to eat and she was very ill-tempered. After a few days, she grew very angry and thought that she might kill someone. So before she could kill anyone during the hunt, she asked the village to shoot her with their arrows. It took 50 arrows to kill her and when they did kill her they burned her body. The only thing that was left was her frozen heart. It took almost two days to destroy the heart. The village never travels there for fear of her still being there.