Lavang Nguyen

Religion III

Who are you now?

I'm Lavang and I go to St. Michael High School. I am not a faithful person even though my family is very catholic. I just do not believe in it, but I really want to see signs that Jesus is real but I haven't yet.

Who do you want to become?

I want to become a good person in life. I will do lot of donations to charity in life in hopes of growing my relationship with God. I will have to pay my pharmaceutical college debt first even before I can start a donation for charity.

What are your dream in life?

I want to be a pharmacist or a doctor that diagnosed a patients illness. I want to help people that are sick and can't do anything about it. I also want to own a shoe stores for a lot of shoe collector or sneakerheads out there.

What kind of person do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I see my self still in pharmaceutical school in 5 years trying to make it out. In 10 years I see my self in debt because of college. I will probably either work in retail or work in the hospital giving patients their medicine.

Where is Christ in your life?

I think I do have Christ around me a lot because my family is very religious. They usually pray in the morning, evening, and at night. For me though, I feel like Christ really isn't around me or I haven't seen any proof of him. I am not the one to put in faith to something I haven't seen before.

Where will Christ fall in your future vocation?

I think Christ will be around me in my future vocations because I will dealing with a lot of sickness and death. I will try to help people that are in need of my assistance to the fullest extent. Even though I don't believe in Christ, hopefully Christ will come to comfort those in need that I am helping.

What do you believe is your vocation?

I believe my vocations is to help people get better from their illness by giving them the right amount of medicine. I will also try to help my self by getting in shape. If I can help that are in need then I will probably feel good about my self. I will also hope that other people will help the sick and not exploit them in any way.