2011 Tsunami in Japan

Brooklynn Pruett

The Tsunami

March 11, 2011 , A magnitude. A earthquake shook northeastern Japan unleashing this savage tsunami.

The Tsunami

Struck offshore of Japan, along a subduction zone where two of Earth's tectonic plates collide. In a subduction zone, one plate slides beneath another into the mantle, the hotter layer beneath the crust. The great plates stick and slip, causing earthquakes. East of Japan, the Pacific plate dives beneath the overriding Eurasian plate. It released centuries of built up stress between the two tectonic plates,

Japan Afterwords

These building are torn down. Boats on top of building and houses. Cars are in the ocean.

Japan Still Is Recovering

Japan's residents are still recovering from the disaster. Radioactive water was recently discovered leaking from a nuclear power plant, Which suffered a level 7 nuclear meltdown after the Tsunami. Japan relies on nuclear reactors to remain closed.

Earthquake a Surprise?

The unexpected disaster was neither the largest nor deadliest earthquake and Tsunami to strike this century. This Tsunami killed over 230,000 people. Japan didn't expect this tsunami coming. The scientists had predicted a smaller earthquake would strike the north of Japan.