Ancient Greece Culture

by: Daniel M, Max J, Sean N, Lily C, and Matt K


The Greeks made the most lasting impact of all the classical civilizations. They were the best civilization for many reasons. They had brilliant tactics, architecture, religion, and art. Their architecture is still seen today all over the world today. They dominated war as well because they fought with power and sneaky tactics/plans. They outsmart their opponents in every way. Their war tactics were dominate and were without fall for hundreds of years. Their religion was modernized and we still see it today in our daily lives. They are the most important classical civilization of all of them for many reasons. Greece was a thinker, a fighter, but most of all, they made impacts on our daily lives in all ways. That is what makes it important today. Others may say that they were so special, or that we are here because of them, but how much of an impact did they really make? They were the most important, and here is how…

Big Idea Question 1 - How did religion control or influence their lives?

Religion controlled and influenced daily lives because they worshiped their gods in their religion and their whole life revolved around that religion. Their religion made them do stuff they did not want to do. It also made them unable to do things they wanted to do. Religion influenced their lives because they looked up to the gods they worshiped and the religion they practiced.

Big Idea Question 2 - How does religion impact lives in the modern world [USA]?

The Greek religion impacts life in the modern world for a couple of different reasons. One of them is since they made up tons of stories about all the gods and now in modern days, we retell them and make movies about them, This tells us that people still believe in them today... People from the modern days now worship and do things for those gods from ancient times. Over time people changed up the stories so that they are different from when they were originally told in ancient Greece. Religion also impacts life now because English words are based off of Greek roots. That is how we got most of our alphabet. Some examples of that would be like Alpha and Omega.

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For many reasons, Ancient Greece was the best place to live. Greece is the best place to live because their religion was there to explain things that didn't make any sense to them. Telling stories is how they got to believe things. This helped them begin to learn things that they wanted to learn but could not. Their art was so great it is a major inspiration for many artists that are around the world today. Greece became famous for their architectural styles. Their major battles made the geography of our world today. The philosophers made and constructed the way we think today, and the scientists developed ideas that were later proved by us and help us understand our world. Greece was the best civilization of the classical age.