Bucket List

by Nathalie Sampson

1. Go to every continent except antarctica at least once

2. adopt a dog

3. Meet a famous person

4. Learn to speak spanish fluently

5. drive from east coast to west coast

6. Go to Harry Potter World in Universal

7. have kids

8. Swim in every ocean

9. Get married

10. go J. cole, kendrick lamar, and a$ap rocky concerts

11. Go on a mission trip

12. Receive a master's degree

13. visit every state at least once

14. Live in New York City

15. Visit Vatican City

16. Meet the president

17. Get accepted into my number one college

18. Be in New Orleans during Mardi Gras

19. Be in Chicago when the White Sox win the world series or when the blackhawks win the stanley cup

20. Visit the seven wonders of the world

21. Live in another country

22. Meet J.K. rowling

23. Go to an elephant sanctuary

24. Attend Holi Festival in India

25. Attend the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro