Vote for me!

By:Audrey Bibb

Spending and Debt

If I become president I would limit our spending and sell crops. I would limit our spending by preventing war with Mexico. I would try to get the Republic of Texas to become part of the U.S. I would try to end our debt or make it smaller.

Native Americans

I would settle a peace agreement with the Natives. I would respect the Natives and do everything to prevent native attacks. I would get the Army and the Texas Rangers to control the natives.


With an unruly army I would send some home to save some money and reinstate the Texas Rangers help with the Natives. I would give the military members a little bit extra land to come back and help Texas.


Since Mexico doesn't recognize us as a independent country I would prevent war with them and find a way to settle an agreement with them. I want to prevent war with them due to debt. If we go to war our one million debt will only rise. If our debt gets any larger the US will not let us join them and be annexed. The US doesn't want to take on a large debt.


I would try to get Texas to be annexed into the US. I would find ways to get us to become part of the US by dealing with slavery, money and debt, Native Americans and the military.


The issue of slavery is a big deal here in Texas. We (Texas) can't become annexed to the US because we are a slave state. I would abolish slavery. I wouldn't let people own slaves because I want us to become annexed into the US.
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