5th Grade

Mrs. Ward

Upcoming Events

Sept 30th- Start of Boosterthon (more information below)

October 1st-Math MAP Test

October 7th- Picture retake day

Boosterthon-Fun Run

The PTO is putting on a Boosterthon, Sept. 30-Oct. 8. In class we will watching videos each day to go along with the Boosterthon covering a Community Challenge, where students can win prizes. These prizes will be handed out on Oct. 9th.

Also on Thursday, October 9th, at 12:45 the 5th and 6th graders will participate in a Fun Run as part of Boosterthon. Throughout the week of Boosterthon, students will be gathering pledges from friends, family and relatives. For pledges, students can get a pledge per lap (a dollar amount for every lap they run) or a flat donation, both pledge types count toward the rewards. $30 in flat donation, is equal to $1 pledge per lap. The more money we raise helps out our class; 10% of the net profit from our classroom will be given back to our classroom!!

For the Fun Run, there will be two tracks (each track is 1/16 of a mile) set up outside behind PLE and Horizon. All students will run an average of 30-35 laps. Every student whose parent or guardian registers him/her on www.funrun.com, will receive a FREE Rock’N Wristband to wear on Fun Run day!

Reading Response

In Term 1, students are asked to respond weekly to what they are reading. These responses need to be at least one page in length and contain their thinking about what they are reading. Our mini-lessons have focused on inferences and theme, which are components that can be incorporated in their responses. Next term they will need to complete two entries, each a page in length. See the rubric below to see how I'm assessing each reading standard.


It's wonderful seeing the students putting so much effort into reaching their 4's on the spelling test.

Next week's challenge words: reap, glean, culinary, delectable, and tomfoolery


Since our class need some extra time learning how to find common denominators and estimating our answers, the Unit 1 test will take place next week. They will have a review sheet which they will complete on Monday and that they can use to study for the test.