the job

a criminalist collects, identifies and analyzes physical evidence related to criminal investigations. He performs tests on objects and substances, such as weapons, hair, fiber and tissue, for the purpose of an investigation. A criminalist will testify in court as an expert witness. He may take the stand due to certain evidence he personally worked on or may provide an educated account on crime-lab techniques. He can also specialize in an area of expertise, such as fingerprinting, handwriting analysis, fingerprinting or biochemistry. A criminalist is also known under job titles such as forensic scientist, forensic science technician, evidence technician, crime scene technician, crime scene investigator, crime scene analyst, detective crime scene investigator or latent fingerprint examiner

why this job appeals to me

This job appeals to me because you get to help get justice for victims and the families of victims. You also get to help identify the culpret and hopefully make them pay for their crimes. I also find it very interesting because i am obssesed with criminal minds.