Exploring Biomes- Desert

By: Kaitlyn, Logan, Ivy, and Brandon

Percipitation and Tempurature of desert

The precipitation is the lowest in the Ataccoma desert of chile which is less than 1.5 a year. Some years it's even rainless. Rainfall in the American deserts is almost 28 cm a year.

Temperature- The annual temperatures range from 68-77 F. The extreme maximum ranges from 110.3- 120.2 F. Minimum temperatures sometimes drop to -18 C. or -0.4 F.

Animals and Plants in the desert

Animals- Armadillo, Camel, Cobra, Chuckwalla, Guanaco

Plants- Elephant Tree, Organ Pipe Cactus, Desert Sage, Desert Marigold, Palm Trees

Locations of Deserts

Locations- Great Sandy Desert, Victoria (Australia), Simpson, Gibson, Tanami, Arabian (Arabian), Desert, Chihuahuan (USA), Kalahari (South West Africa)

These are just some of the deserts.

Below is a video about deserts⬇️

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A Day in the Desert: Saguaro Wilderness

Fun facts

The desert has the largest mining deposit.

Good place to collect solar energy.

The word desert means the abandoned place.

A map in Mario Cart 64 was named after a desert.

Deserts have low humidity.