Mystical Adventures

We will venture around the desert on a camel and will explore all of the amazing destinations and popular places in it, including Makkah and the Kaaba.

The Kaaba

The Kaaba is a cube-shaped shrine. It is actually a brick building but has a black cloth covering it with gold detailing on it. Muslims direct their prayers to the Kaaba.


Makkah is a dry, rocky city in Western Arabia. Makkah gets it wealth from from trading because since it's so dry, there is no agriculture. Makkah is also a religious center, but it has no central government.

Makkah is important to Islam because it is the spiritual center of Islam. It is also important to Islam because of the Kaaba. As stated above, Muslims direct their prayers to the Kaaba and religion is very important to Muslims, which makes this place important to Islam.

Makkah is also the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad. Muhammad's life was pretty tough growing up. His father died before his birth and his mother sent him to live with a nomad family in the desert. When he returned when he was five or six years old, his mother died. He then lived with his grandfather and then his uncle. Also, Muhammad was very poor. Around 610 CE he went to a cave in a mountain to pray and received a call to be a prophet (a messenger of God) from angel Gabriel. From then on, he taught people about treating other people with compassion, honesty and justice. He received messages from God through angel Gabriel for the next 22 years.


The trade goods that are acceptable to pay for your trip are swords and peaches. To pay in peaches, you would need to trade thirty of them. If you pay with swords, you need to give our company two swords for each person that attends the trip.

Contact Information

You can find me in the house on the left side of the Kaaba that has a big green sign near the entrance that says "Mystical Adventures".


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