1/8/2021 ~ Superintendent's Newsletter ~ 16th Ed.


"I am still learning."

~ Michelangelo at age 87


New Year's Resolutions

I used to make New Year's Resolutions and was then lucky to still be attempting to stick to them by the end of January.....so about 4 years ago, I changed my approach and selected ONE WORD on which to focus throughout the year, ONE WORD to come back to when evaluating my life and ONE WORD to guide my efforts of becoming a better person.

This year I chose EMBRACE.

According to Webster's Dictionary, EMBRACE means to:

1) cherish, love

2) to take up especially readily or gladly

3) to avail oneself of

4) acceptance

This year I will purposefully EMBRACE the opportunities given and the challenges presented to me. I will also purposefully EMBRACE the talents of others at every opportunity. I pledge to tenaciously EMBRACE all those whom I love and call a friend.

I am far from 'finished' and know it; however, I also encourage each of you to look within and resolve to grow and improve as a human being. If selecting ONE WORD will help you do that, then by all means start today. If a quiet moment of reflection each morning or evening gets the job done, then take those few moments for yourself to reflect.

Let's make 2021 GREAT!



School Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

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Chief Stephen Dean does a phenomenal job ensuring staff and students are safe at school and school-related events. He is very adept at 'reading' people and understanding all the factors at play when bad decisions are made by our students. Chief Dean provides the type of discipline/consequence the student needs at that time while ensuring safety at all times.

Bonham ISD is blessed to have Chief Dean as a Bonham Purple Warrior!


I Received the COVID Vaccine - Now What??

If you have received the first dose of a COVID vaccine, you may be wondering "now what - do I still wear a mask, socially distance or quarantine if exposed?"......

All these are good and valid questions. According to the CDC, we still have much to learn about the protections the vaccine will offer. For example, must we be vaccinated each year? If vaccinated, can we transmit the virus to others? Will this vaccine protect us and others if the virus mutates?

For the time being and until further guidance from the CDC and notice from TEA, staff who have been vaccinated must still adhere to all COVID protocols relating to prevention and mitigation.

When more information becomes available, we will revisit policies and procedures and take measures to go back to some way of normal while still ensuring our staff and students are safe and can remain healthy.


Opportunity to Pay It Forward

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While thousands of people from across the country responded to the emergency request for blood and platelet donations issued by the American Red Cross in early July, a critical blood shortage remains. The Red Cross urges eligible donors to give now to help ensure blood is available to meet patient needs.


Dr. Prock Accepts Asst. Superintendent Position at Whitesboro ISD

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Dr. Prock has earned a wonderful opportunity to both advance his career and work in the same district as his wife and children.

Dr. Prock proudly served Bonham ISD for 9 years in several capacities - teacher/coach, Assistant Principal, Principal and Athletic Director. He will be greatly missed; however, I wish him much success and happiness in his next professional chapter.

His last day at Bonham ISD was Thursday, January 7th.

Kyle Dezern to Serve as Interim Athletic Director

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Head Football Coach, Kyle Dezern, will serve Bonham ISD as Interim AD throughout the spring semester. Coach Dezern will continue as the Head Football Coach and is assuming the extra duties of Athletic Director.

I am excited to have Coach Dezern serve in this capacity and expect nothing but forward progress and continued success in our winter and spring sports!

His first day to assume Interim AD responsibilities is Friday, January 8th.


LHR Boys Basketball

Pictures from Thursday night's game against Pottsboro.


What is Going on Next Week??

Sat. Jan. 9 – LHR B BB @ Home – 10:00

Sat. Jan. 9 – BHS B Soccer @ Uplift William Academy – 11:00

Sat. Jan. 9 – BHS G Soccer @ Uplift William Academy – 9:30

Tues. Jan. 12 – BHS B BB @ Home – 4:30

Tues. Jan. 12 – BHS G BB @ Home – 5:00

Tues. Jan. 12 – BHS G Soccer @ North Lamar – 5:30

Tues. Jan. 12 – BHS B Soccer @ North Lamar – 7:15

Thurs. Jan. 14 – LHR B BB @ Gunter – 4:30

Thurs. Jan. 14 – LHR G BB @ Home – 4:30

Fri. Jan. 15 – BHS Cheer Competition @ Ft. Worth – 10:15

Fri. Jan. 15 – BHB B BB @ Bells – 4:30

Fri. Jan. 15 – BHG G BB @ Bells – 5:00


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