Full Day Pre-Kindergarten

Four-year-olds starting this September

Future Pre-K Families:

We will be converting to full-day Pre-K next year for students that are 4 years old or turn 4 yrs old during the year. We will be making phone calls to families that originally registered their child(ren) for next year. If you have NOT registered your child and are interested, please contact our District Registrar:

Heather Anuszewski hanuszewski@granvillecsd.org (518) 642-1051 Ext. 1309

This is VERY exciting for our children and families!

Click the link for a helpful Q&A document and qualifications: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15wyyk5xH8Kk6yYw6IaPlVxvaDE9OVDgPCLeCx0gaFiY/edit?usp=sharing