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If you choose to accept this mission.....

You will grow your budding team! Mission 30 is a special pacing group that is dedicated to growing our team overall. If sponsoring, layering your income, and possibly promoting is something you are interested in then this group is for you. We will have check in calls lead by one of the team leaders to share tips, advise, & how tos, flash incentives, & of course a prize at the end :) This will start from now until December 31,2013. Our mission is grow our overall team by 30 by the end of 2013. We will be partnering up with the Lovely Links, lead by Melanie Hernquist, & Dass's Dots lead by Ashley Carson.

For every sponsoring conversation you have, that will earn you one blue star, For every stylist you sponsor you will get a green star. The person with the most blue, & green stars by the end of the contest will be treated to an exclusive spa, & lunch & learn with your leader! For stylists who aren't in the immediate area, you are still eligible & will work out the prize for you!

We may even throw in some flash incentives for you to earn a spot too!

This group is meant for you to connect with stylists across the country, motivate, & inspire. This to help support your current goals & incentives offered by home office.

This group will officially begin Monday August 19th, 2013. We will have a kick off call on 8/19 for a few minutes--time is 8:30pmCST/9:30pmEST call number TBA.

Please respond to this email so I know if you wish to participate.