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Family law deals primarily with law within a family such as custody, adoption, paternity, divorce, and child abuse. Family law is important to settle divorce cases such as Brendan Fraser's. Some focuses of family law include promoting the best interest of children in a custody case, preserving the institution of marriage, and protecting families. Family law exists as its own institution so that the government does not interfere too much and families can be protected.


The requirements to practice family law are similar to other types of law. An undergraduate degree is not necessary, but may be useful before attending law school. Additionally, it is required for the lawyer to pass the bar exam. It is recommended to take courses in counseling and psychology as well to fully prepare for practicing family law.


When one thinks of family law, the first thought is probably the heartbreaking divorce of incredible actor Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith. After being together for 9 years and birthing three children, the divorce was initially considered amicable before taking a sour turn. At the time of the divorce in 2007, Brendan Fraser was making an estimated $45 million a year. Despite the complete death of his career since then, evil witch Afton Smith still demands around $900,000 a year in a time when he earns far less than $3,000,000 a year and nobody wants him in movies anymore. From the $900,000 he is forced to be, $300,000 comes from child support for his three children Griffin, Holden, and Leland who are in custody of she-demon Afton Smith. This relates to family law because Brendan Fraser pays incredibly amounts of money to his ex-wife in alimony and child support. It has not been revealed who Brendan Fraser's lawyer is, but we can assume it is a terrible one. However, Rhode Island divorce lawyer Christopher A Pearsall has claimed that he could do a way better job than Brendan Fraser's attorneys, and I believe him.


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