Class Reflection

What I have learned in this NEW AGE class

How did this course meet your expectations?

This course actually went beyond and above what i thought i was going to learn. I really was not very open to using other technology tools, but after this class i have realized that every tool we looked at or used has been very helpful to me completing my teaching assignment.

What are the implications of using technology in the classroom?

Using technology in the classroom can be essential in the learning practice, but sometimes technology can fail. As I found out when I was teaching my lesson, sometimes the buildings power goes out, and when that happens your wholes lesson can go kaput! Other than random power surges, or glitches in the system. Technology can be an overall benefit as well. When I visited Ms. Miller's classroom they use an app called class dojo. This app allows Ms. Miller to check if the students do the assignments and it grades the online assignments, so it is less work for ms. Miller to find out what areas the student needs to work on.

Children in the classroom

Expectations and Improvements for the future

I believe I met my expectations of this class, There were times I was worried i would have to drop it because I was overloaded with two jobs and other obligations, but i powered through and I hope to start the Best Program this next fall! Some improvements I need to make is, when I am teaching i need to incorporate more higher level thinking questions. Ms. Ms. Miller gave me a chart with Blooms thinking and she gave me some other great advice for the future.

Teaching A Class

When I found out about us getting to teach a class I was both nervous and excited. I was nervous because I have not ever had a full group of people devote that much attention to me. I was excited because i like to help people grasp knowledge and get better at things, so when they got excited to color and learn the 13 colonies I got more excited to teach it. The nights leading up to my lesson I honestly was really nervous, but when i got to the class on Wednesday I was really ready. As I started my lesson i pressed play on the music button the power went out =(. So Ms. Miller told me to come back on Thursday. When i came back on Thursday i got to do my lesson and it went well. When I practiced with my roommates and my niece and nephew it went well, but nothing can get you ready for the rowdiness that ensues with 5th graders. I had a great time and it was a good experience!
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