Troublesome Inflation raise issues

How can Davis work to gain the trust of his people

Inflation on the Rise

As inflation grows across the confederacy, families all around are reduced to rioting and robbery just to attempt to eat. In just a few short years estimated prices of the average home cost of food jumped from around $7 a month to nearly $70! Many families are angry at President Davis for not fixing the situation, we understand as food was never so scare under the short lived President Lincoln.

Is Davis to Blame?

Many have adopted the thought that President Jefferson Davis is the root of the problem of Inflation, so we decided to have our analysts look at why we are seeing such a huge rise in prices. We agreed that when Lincoln freed our slaves, he robbed us of our most important piece of farming equipment, an integral piece in maintaining the large farms that powered our economy, thus hurting it seriously. All things considered Union President Lincoln is to blame, that is even more obvious when you consider that he approached a riot in progress and, instead of attacking them, threw them all of his own money and told them to leave, a true gentlemen.