CHS Library Media Center

What's In It for your Teen?

Independent Opportunities

Students can check out books for schoolwork... or independent reading.  We have the LATEST series and popular authors!  They can also:  type and print class assignments,  receive extra help on research projects,  and use their lunch hour to study, read, and finish assignments.  They can utilize our LMC databases from home or the public library, twenty four hours a day!

Classes in the Library

Your students often come into the library with their classes as well.  Teachers can reserve one of three computer labs, including MACs; we can accommodate up to 75 students on computers at one time.  The computers are used to do research from our library databases, books, and periodicals.  Students learn information literacy skills such as distinguishing between valid and invalid resources, understanding plagiarism, giving credit for their information, and creating bibliograhy pages.  They also learn how to navigate academic databases such as those they will use at college and in their careers.

Contact Us!

The library extension is 4030.  To reach our webpage, go to  Click on "Our Schools" at the top, and choose Central High School.  On the left, choose "Library Media Center."  Use our databases at home or at the public library anytime.