Glenn Kriczky

Glenn Kriczky - RORC Board of Directors

Glenn Kriczky - Birdsboro Memorial Community Center

Glenn Kriczky has enjoyed a very successful and interesting career, one he says continues to challenge and teach him with every new day. Glenn also does not take these successes for granted, and knows that not everyone is so lucky. For that reason, Glenn always commits a portion of his day to helping others. That is why Glenn spent 17 plus years at the Birdsboro Memorial Community center as a board member and for periods of time, the chairman of the board. The community center's mission is to provide wholesome, affordable, recreational, educational, health and wellness opportunities to all people, regardless of socioeconomic status. Glenn says that working with the community center has given him a deep sense of accomplishment, and is one of his endeavors that he is most proud of.

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Glenn Kriczky: Business Management

Glenn Kriczky has been a salesman for quite a long portion of his professional career, but has only recently began to undertake more pressing responsibilities such as business management. Though Glenn once thought that both the Point of Sale Systems and the Information Technology industries was distinctly different from the world of business management and administration, when he grew within his company, he learned quickly that nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, Point of Sales Systems and Information Technology was simply a section and portion of business administration, as Glenn would soon learn. Glenn says that much of the technology and programs utilized in the IT world today focus on easing the tasks of business administration and number crunching that exists in the business world. Glenn says to truly develop better software and programs for this, one must know and understand business and economy itself, and all the obstacles a business owner faces.

Glenn Kriczky himself furthered his skill set as a professional when he became Vice President of Information Systems, an Information Technology department that provides software to companies. Over the course of Glenn's time as Vice President he would learn the many ins and outs of the IT world, both from a business and software perspective. Because Glenn was in charge of the business management himself, while developing software to do just that, he learned the needs and challenges that have to be met within the business administration world, helping him to not only better manage his business, but to help develop more useful and intuitive systems. Glenn says that understanding the relationship between business administration and Information Technology systems is the key to the future of the industry.

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Glenn Kriczky: Skill Set and Experience

Glenn Kriczky has held several noteworthy positions throughout his career in the information technology business management field. During his long and storied career, Glenn has accrued the experience and skills necessary not just to succeed, not just to survive, but to thrive in the business world. Thanks to Glenn's contributions, businesses have been able to cut costs, experience growth, cut down timely stock and inventory counts with properly managed inventory systems, and enjoy a more happy, effective and efficient staff. Glenn has more than thirty years experience in management. For ten years of that he held the position of Vice President of Information Systems. The other additional twenty years were spent at various positions, including Retail Systems Manager, Retail Services Manager and Business Owner working for industry leading organizations.

During Glenn Kriczky's career, he acquired a litany of skills that helped him be elevated to the postion he enjoys today. Among those skills are, experience in sales and marketing of the A.W.I. programs and relationships to the AWI member retailers, the ability to manage complex information technology, human resources management and retail operations with a consistent track record of meeting or exceeding all defined performance objectives. Glenn is also experienced at developing and implementing long range strategic plans that optimize technology and employee performance. Glenn even led a Corporate Technology Department Migration/Integration Program that seamlessly transitioned two separate technology platforms into a single system operation. Glenn's most significant skill, is his aptitude for cost control and budget management, as he once implemented a strategic operating plan that reduced departmental expenses by $7 million without an associated productivity loss. It is all of Glenn's accumulated experience and skills that have turned him into the high quality Professional he is today, and made him an indispensable asset for any business.

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Glenn Kriczky: Sports Fanatic

Glenn Kriczky is a professional who holds himself to the highest standards of excellence in his industry. It is that rigid standard and commitment to greatness that makes Glenn's personal career so challenging, but Glenn would not have it any other way. Glenn has always been competitive by nature, another reason he has excelled professionally. It was only natural then, that Glenn would also develop another fascination, the world of competitive sports. Glenn says that competition is the spirit of capitalism, and the key element to a successful business model. That is why to Glenn, nothing better exemplifies capitalism, or the American spirit in general, better than sports. Sports demonstrate what people are capable of when they strive to succeed, to be the best, to test their potential. Competition, Glenn says, it the key to evolution and progress.

If Glenn Kriczky had to choose between football, baseball, or basketball as his favorite sport, he would pick the one they were playing in Philadelphia at the time. Glenn loves sports, and that applied double when it comes to Philadelphia sports. A die-hard fan of his people, Glenn's sport allegiances lie at home, never straying too far from Philadelphia. Glenn's favorite football teams are the Eagles and Penn State, two teams he follows avidly. In the sport of baseball, Glenn is a big time Phillies fan, and says the team has always shown promise. Basketball, is Glenn's only exception to the Philadelphia rule. Glenn is a closet Bulls fan, and most specifically, Michael Jordan. Glenn says that he could only dream to have that level of commitment and excellence in his office that Michael Jordan had on the court.

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Glenn Kriczky: Staying Active

Glenn Kriczky is a businessman, he is an information technology specialist who uses his in-depth understanding and experience with managing business related organizational software to help optimize management and growth. That position however, is usually far lest mentally strenuous than physical. That being the case, Glenn can't really rely on work to provide a means of exercise for him, and while Glenn certainly knows how to upkeep a business, he knows the importance of upkeep on his body as well. That is why Glenn makes sure to allow himself the appropriate amount of personal time to exercise and stay active. Glenn has a number of physically demanding hobbies that allow him to keep his body in top working condition. A thinker by nature, Glenn enjoys long walks, in parks or reservations. Glenn says the walks not only provide him with a means of exercise, but a period of reflection that allows him to sum up the past day's events.

Glenn Kriczky prioritizes exercise and staying active as one of the singularly most important ways to upkeep yourself as a person. That is why Glenn is an avid bike rider. This summer alone, Glenn has peddled over 800 miles, perhaps a personal best for him. Glenn enjoys taking local, familiar trails, though when he feels adventurous, he seeks more challenging ones. Glenn also spends some of his free time at the gym, where he works with free weights and machines as well to keep his muscles active and his bodily systems operating well. Glenn says that strength training is vital for maintaining hormonal balance as you age, and an overall physical health helps to dictate mental health as well. Glenn suggests a regular exercise routine for anyone, no matter the career, to stay on top of your game.

Glenn Kriczky - Retail Services Manager

Glenn Kriczky's long history with the business world, especially management, has been the result of his dedication, along with his keen mind, inner discipline, and unparalleled organizational skills. Over the years, Glenn has accumulated an in-depth understanding of information systems that are vital to both the daily operations of a business, as well as it's overall growth and development. Glenn however, didn't simply start out in the business management field, it was a title he would earn in due time, with due diligence and hard work. Glenn built his career from the ground up. One of the first management jobs Glenn acquired was in 1981, when he became Retail Service Manager of Wetterau Foods. Wetterau Foods,Inc., it was a large, publicly traded grocery company with a rich history.

The company was founded when George H. Wetterau left Germany to seek opportunity in the bustle of post-Civil War America. George joined his brother in St. Louis, where many other Germans had also settled. While studying business at night school, he joined J.F. Lauman and Company, a local wholesale grocery firm, in 1868. J. F. Lauman retired a year later, leaving the young Wetterau to assume the leadership of the firm. George Wetterau persuaded Frederick Goebel to invest in the company, which became the Goebel & Wetterau Grocery Company and eventually Wetterau Foods.

Glenn Kriczky would work as the Retail Service Manager of Wetterau Foods from 1981 to 1986. There, Glenn was responsible for directing the advent of scanning systems for supermarekts, as well as managing the retail pricing systems, shelf managing systems, order entry terminals, among many other responsibilities. Glenn's time with Wetterau would begin his close relationship with the grocery industry in particular, and further his knowledge and understanding of the field.

Glenn Kriczky - Strategic Planning

As a professional in the both the Point of Sale Systems and Information Technology industries, Glenn Kriczky specialized in strategic planning, utilizing the skill to optimize efficiency. Glenn says that much of his job is to be in constant pursuit of something faster and more efficient, and that in order to do so, it requires a great deal of anticipation and planning to pull off. That is why over the years Glenn has developed the skill set of strategic planning and forecasting, a discipline that helps him predict not only the present needs of a company or entity, but their future needs and market shifts as well. Glenn says that by developing a consistent formula, one that has basis and merit because of the mass amounts of data it derives from, is the key to success in the POS and Information Technology fields. Glenn does things like analyze spreadsheets, condensing year’s worth of information accumulated from studies or social polls to find meaning and patterns. What Glenn then derives from these patterns is an idea of where a company is, and where it will be, as well as what it will need for the future challenges it faces.

Glenn Kriczky says the heart of strategic planning for a company is all about repetition, and that patterns will inevitably be found over time with enough data samples. Glenn says that this is a sort of social science, but that just as much math and statistics are involved in it. Glenn says that the planning of necessary systems for a company is based on things like projected five year growth, customer base now, customer base five years from now, as well as providing user friendly and efficient interfaces that will remain relevant for a long duration after implementation.

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Glenn Kriczky - Budgeting

As a professional manager and team leader in the Point of Sale Systems and Information Technology industries, Glenn Kriczky has often found himself at the forefront of many important business administration decisions. Glenn's all encompassing job description is basically to keep his company running as effectively and efficiently as possible, all while adhering to an available budget. Glenn says that doing so can often be difficult, as you are asked to do a lot with very little more often than not, but that it is simply an inevitable and unavoidable aspect of the business administration world. Glenn says that budgeting is often the most important aspect of any management or leadership position, and that having a keen sense of finances can be the difference between failure and success. Glenn says that allocating a budget properly is something that can only be learned with time, and that experience plays the biggest role it whether it is successful. Glenn offers advice to new management staff, saying that they should not get discouraged if they go over an allotted budget once, or even several times, as it takes much trial and error to figure out what is effective for a particular business or location.

Glenn Kriczky says that a good understanding of finance as well as the capabilities of your team is essential when talking about a good budget management plan. Glenn says that you should always try to do as much as you can, with as little as you can, and that undershooting a budget is always better than overshooting. Glenn says that sometimes reaching within budget means self-sacrifice, as well as some sacrifices being taken by your team, but you must show them you are willing to sacrifice with them to keep everything running smoothly.

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Glenn Kriczky - An Impressive Resume

Glenn Kriczky is a professional within the Point of Sale Systems and Information Technology industries who has continued to impress and excel in the fields, accumulating quite the skill set. As is stated best by Glenn Kriczky's biography itself, Glenn, “[Spent] 30+ years experience as a Vice President of Information Systems, Retail Systems Manager, Retail Services Manager and Business Owner working for industry leading organizations. Experienced Sales and Marketing of the A.W.I. programs and relationships to the AWI member retailers. [I have] proven ability to manage complex information technology and retail service operations with a consistent track record of meeting or exceeding all defined performance objectives.
[I am] experienced at developing and implementing strategic operating programs and procedures that optimize technology and employee performance.”

Glenn Kriczky is nothing short of an expert in the field, bringing to the table an extensive amount of experience, knowledge, and applications that make him the obvious choice for a leadership position. As Glenn's resume states itself, Glenn is, “ Adept at managing over 110 highly technical business, technology and operation professionals and associated annual operating budgets. [I] successfully led a Corporate Technology Department Migration/Integration Program that seamlessly transitioned two separate technology platforms into a single system operation. [I also] possess significant cost control and budget management expertise including implementation of a strategic operating plan that reduced departmental expenses. [I became] Board of Director at a Point Of Sale development company for ten years.” It is clear to see that Glenn is truly a professional in the field, utilizing his impressive array of skills and experience to continue to be quite an impactful force on the Point of Sale Systems and Information technology industries as a whole. Glenn says that the best is yet to come, and he can't wait to see what the future holds.

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