Madison Elementary Art


Kindergarten: Students have learned about two famous artists this month. They looked at art by Jasper Johns and then made their own alphabet painting. Currently students are creating beautiful yellow sunflowers after learning about Vincent Van Gogh.

1st Grade: Studying famous artists has been the theme for March in 1st grade. They learned about Joan Miro's imaginary line drawings and paintings and are now creating artwork like Paul Klee who made art using basic shapes and balance.

2nd Grade: Students learned about still life paintings-paintings of objects on a table. They created their own apple still life based on the artist Paul Cezanne. Next they are looking at the paper cut-out artwork of Henri Matisse and making their own paper collage.

3rd Grade: After wrapping up the dream skyscraper drawings, students will be modeling their artwork after the impressionist artist Claude Monet. The students will using a crayon resist technique to make their version of Monet's famous water lilies.

4th Grade: Students are designing their own skyscraper by adding color and the finishing touches. Architecture and how to be an architect is the focus for March. Next up for 4th grade is weaving!

5th Grade: Fifth grade classes are about halfway through drawing their design for their dream skyscraper. They are using mixed media (various papers, markers, and colored pencils) to make their artwork stand out and have gotten very imaginative with their creations!

6th Grade: Sixth graders looked at work by famous Surrealist artists. They will use a collage technique with magazines to create a surrealist, imaginary work of art.

About the teacher:

I am a graduate of Bob Jones High School and went to the University of Kansas where I received a BAE-Bachelors in Art Education. I live in Madison with my husband Taylor and our dog and two cats. I am a big Kansas basketball fan, Rock Chalk! I love to travel, read, jog with my dog and paint when I have the time.