ADGA Newsletter

Jan-Mar, 2014: Quarter 1

Old News

Recognizing Leadership

  • Honorary Members of the ADGA: Jamie Adams, Edan Badajos, Brian Gutzwiller, Louie Orozco, Kurtis Schoenberg, Tim Kosednar

2014 Officer Elections: Results

  • President: Adam Klein
  • Vice President: Jeremy Boyd
  • Treasurer: Louie Orozco
  • Secretary: Toni Osiecki
  • Course Maintenance/Tournament Director: Brian Gutzwiller
  • Thank you to all who ran for a position. Your readiness to mobilize on behalf of the ADGA is what it takes to create a great organization. Nothing happens without a collective effort of well intentioned people!

Ice Bowl: Feb 2

  • 25 participants
  • Raised $725
  • Fed 3,021 people with 3,625 pounds of food!
  • Open: James Beckner (by one stroke to Luke Monyer!)
  • Advanced: Will Harrison (in a play off with Rodney MF Stepp!)
  • Intermediate: Jordan Thies (yay!)
  • Check us out on KTVA!

Fur Rondy

  • 16 participants
  • TIE for 1st place partners: Tre Jones/Tay Harding & Will Harrison/Josh Snow
  • Thank you for pulling this together Adam Klein and Jeremy Boyd!
  • Next year is the centennial anniversary of the Fur Rondy-look out for something big!

New News

Show Me the Money


  • January: $565/27 renewals, 1 new member
  • February: $225/10 renewals, 1 new member
  • March: $260/8 renewals, 1 new member
  • Hilltop Agreement: $700/equipment
  • Ace Race 2013: $250/Hilltop contribution
  • January: $75
  • February: $77
  • March: $89
  • Includes Wednesday Night Doubles Leagues, Saturday PDGA Singles Leagues

Your ADGA Board has…

  • renewed an agreement with Hilltop since the last ADGA
  • BTW: Check out disc golf at Hilltop!
  • arranged for meetings to be held monthly at Hilltop every first Tuesday at 7pm
  • decided alcohol-free meetings would be most time efficient and consistent with the ADGA mission
  • forecasted $$ available for upcoming tournaments
  • continued to discuss ideal ways that the ADGA can continue to support the insurance costs for non ADGA events that do not return dividends to the club
  • set up a Google community to promote transparency and allow members to follow the internal affairs of the ADGA board. Check out the beginning stages!
  • explored fundraising options including merchandise
  • prepared to approach Parks & Recs (Anchorage) for permits regarding tournaments
  • appreciated the willingness of Andrew DiRoma who has agreed to apply his web design skills to giving the ADGA website a makeover

ADGA Events

Check out Google Docs for calendar of ADGA events!

ADGA Leagues

Alaska State Disc Golf Championships

  • June 20-22

Skinny Raven

  • July 12

Jailhouse Roc

  • July 26

ADGA Doubles Tournament

  • October 4-5

ADGA Singles Tournament: Season Finale

  • October 10-11
  • Save the Date!
  • Planning on a banquet for ADGA members!

Other Alaska Disc Golf Events

Google Docs: ALL Alaska Disc Golf Events Calendar

Disc Golf Scene: where ALL AK tournaments are listed, register here!





  • Nothing current

Shorebird Showdown

  • May 10
  • Jack Gist, Homer
  • TD: Pat Miller

Kenai Challenge

  • May 17
  • Kenai Eagle
  • TD: Edan Badajos

Forest Fling

  • May 24
  • Girdwood
  • TD: Kurtis Schoenberg


  • May 31
  • Alcantra, Wasilla
  • TD: Tre Jones

Hilltop Double Trouble

  • June 7
  • Hilltop Ski Course, Anchorage
  • TD: Rick Cramer and Thad Murgatroyd

Gangster Branch Open

  • June 14
  • Moose Pretzel, Homer
  • TD: Edan Badajos

Solstice Showdown

  • June 28

King of the Hill

  • July 4-6
  • Hilltop Ski Area, Anchorage
  • TD: Rick Cramer

Ralley in the Valley

  • July 19
  • Alcantra, Wasilla
  • TD: Tre Jones

Mosquito Blood Drive

  • July 25

Healing Hearts

  • August 2
  • Military doubles tournament
  • Hilltop Ski Area, Anchorage
  • TD: Rick Cramer, Adam Klein

Ace Race

  • August 3
  • Hilltop Ski Area, Anchorage
  • TD: Rick Cramer

Alcantra Open

  • August 16
  • Alcantra, Wasilla
  • TD: Greg Rouse

Fairbanks Open

  • August 30-31

Tall Grass Open

  • September 13-14
  • Moose Pretzel, Homer
  • TD: Edan Badajos

Kenai Eagle Open

  • September 20
  • Kenai Eagle, Kenai

Ace Race

  • September 26
  • Fairbanks

Tournament Dust Bowl

  • October 25
  • Jack Gist, Homer
  • TD: Pat Miller

Get Involved

ADGA Meetings

  • Monthly meetings first Tuesday at 7pm at Hilltop Ski Area
  • Calling in? contact Toni Rae Osiecki to make arrangements
  • Have something to add to the agenda? contact the ADGA board for consideration on the upcoming agenda, or utilize the 2min open forum at the meeting close

  • Meetings occur for tournament planning alternating 2nd/4th Tuesdays
  • Contact Thad Murgatroyd to help with the course!

Course Maintenance


  • April 12-13: Hilltop-9 new holes!
  • April 13: Peter's Creek
  • April 27: Kincaid


Want to HELP run a tournament?

  • Contact the TD for that tournament to see how you can help!

Want to run a tournament?

  • Contact Brian Gutz, your Tournament Director

Want to register for a tournament?

A Letter From Adam Klein, ADGA President/2014

What an exciting year 2014 will be for the ADGA!

I am sincerely honored to accept the responsibilities of the Alaska Disc Golf Association President and want to thank the membership for giving me the opportunity to guide our organization. With the sport participation rapidly growing in our state and across the nation as a whole, the ADGA has reached a crossroads in its development. With my past experience with a large non-profit arts organization I am confident, with collaboration and determined effort from the association’s board and members, we can implement a viable strategy for the healthy growth and support for Disc Golf.

As you all well know, several courses are becoming over used with the increase in DG players and the seasonal closing Westchester. Kincaid in the summer is a prime example. Crowded courses means there is a need for new courses. Once the Board fine tunes organizational needs, this will be the our primary focus. We will work with the Anchorage Municipality to identify potential course sites. By installing new courses, the ADGA membership and player participation in tournaments and leagues will grow. This in turn will raise our level of competition.

Open areas for potential courses are diminishing in the Anchorage. So now is the time to make a concerted effort to show our community the positive aspects of the sport and the need for new courses. As “the” developed DG organization in the Anchorage area, we are ambassadors to the game. It is important we lead by example. Keeping the courses clean by packing out what we pack in, taking time to regularly maintain existing courses, correcting unsafe and/or destructive actions by recreational players in a positive way, and educating our community’s youth, we can insure our sport will be prosperous for many years to come.

Currently there are several things happening within the club. Andrew DiRoma has volunteered to give the ADGA website a facelift. Some of the site improvements will be a video gallery via YouTube (like the PDGA) and a Fundraising/Sponsorship page. Andrew has also potentially fundraised over 10,000 dollars for the club this year. We will continue to work on a thorough sponsorship package to go out to local businesses. Ideally, I would like to see fundraising developed so we have sponsors and donors established early in the year. This will allow for tournament directors to focus on facilitating tournaments and not have to worry about peddling for prizes. I am in the process of putting club documents in to Google Docs for viewing access by the membership.

Our Goals for 2014 are—

-Finish Peters Creek renovation

-Course maintenance at Kincaid

-Work with the municipality to identify and design three courses for installation over the next five years

-Develop financial and membership goals

There is much to be done. The ADGA is a volunteer driven organization, and its success depends on the efforts of its members. If each member can offer the time it takes to play one round of DG (3 to 4 hours) per month we can achieve these goals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy membership address. I am excite for the upcoming summer season with over 20 tournaments slated throughout the state and look forward to working and playing beside each and every one of you. Let’s make this the best year yet for the sport of disc golf in Alaska. As Tim K’s voicemail states “Disc On!”

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Adam Klein (AK) ADGA #238

ADGA Mission

We as a group will endeavor to seek growth in numbers who participate as well as expansion of the venue where we participate. We seek to further these goals by engaging in conduct that will be beneficial to the growth of disc golf. This organization will be a non-profit organization. All profits from sales of merchandise, donations, club events etc. will be used to repair club facilities and courses and to promote, improve, and expand disc golf in the Anchorage, Alaska area. We also strive to be catalysts for the highest quality competition on the amateur and professional level. In addition, we will encourage and promote participation in the Professional Disc Golf Association and its events.